Access from JR Kanazawa Station by bus

Revised December 2023


Access from JR Kanazawa Station to Sofuan

About 5 minutes by Hokuriku Railway Bus or JR Bus

It takes about five minutes on foot after getting off

Kenrokuen Gate (East Gate) 兼六園口(東口)

Please turn to the right after you exit the ticket barrier

There is a bus terminal outside the Kenrokuen Gate (East Gate)exit

Please go to №7


Bus stop No. 7: Castle Town, Kanazawa Loop Bus, counterclockwise Route LL0


From the first bus at 8:30 to the last bus at 18:00

It leaves every 15 minutes


The entrance is at the back

The exit is in front

Pay later


The fare is 210 yen for people 13 years old and over, 110 yen for people 12 years old and under


*You can use the national common transit card and JR Gururun Pass

*You can use a one-day free pass for the Hokuriku Railway bus


Get off at Omicho-ichiba・Musasigatsuji 近江町市場・武蔵ケ辻 LL1

Musashigetsuji Omicho-ichiba Bus Stop LL1

In front of the bus stop is the Omicho Market

Across the national road is the Kanazawa M'ZA department store

Please go in the same direction as the bus is going

and turn left at Shimotsutsumi-cho intersection  

Shimotsutsumi-cho 下堤町 Intersection

Turn left

It is a little more

There is a Japanese confection shop Morihachi 森八

Morihachi 森八 Japanese confection shop

Turn right after this shop

There is a red mail post 200m away

Mail post

Turn left

and go down a narrow road

When you see a red fence of the Ozaki shrine

there is a red stop traffic sign

Stop traffic sign

Please turn left to a narrow street

Thank you for arrival

Sofuan is on your right

Thank you for coming!!