Parking lot guidance

For customers coming by car

<Free parking lot>

Take the Kamitsutsumicho intersection on Route 157 towards Ozaki Shrine

Turn left in front of Ozaki Shrine

Go straight and enter the alley

Ozaki Shrine

The alley

Pass in front of the inn and turn left

* The parking lot after turning right is not the Sofuan’s

The innermost block (by the apartment) is the Sofuan's one

in front of the inn

the innermost block



* If you come from bakurocho direction, you can not enter the alley in front of the inn

Please come from Kamitsutsumicho direction

* Alleys in front of the hotel are narrow but taxis and trucks can also go in and out

Please take care and drive slowly

If your car is a large car, please use "Omi-cho Parking". See Parking lot guidance 2